Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the simplest and shortest method applied to the individual in terms of dental aesthetics. As it is known, color and deformities in teeth are an aesthetic problem. Today, the most important goal in dentistry is to provide the individual with healthy and aesthetic teeth. At this point, teeth whitening is known as the process of whitening teeth by chemical methods. Tooth discoloration may occur due to pathological or physiological reasons. Teeth whitening is preferred by individuals as an ideal option in this case. As a result of this procedure, which will be carried out under the control of a doctor, the individual will have an aesthetic appearance.

In What Situations is Teeth Whitening Process Applied?

Teeth whitening is applied in cases where the individual does not like the color of his teeth, in which case the discoloration of the teeth is removed. Before the treatment, the radiographic and clinical examination of the teeth to be processed is completed. Afterwards, some necessary treatments are done. These can be listed as treatments to be applied in caries, fractures or gum disease problems. After the specified treatments, the teeth whitening process is started.

As Medisen Health, we perform your teeth whitening process with our expert dentists. We provide the best conditions before and after your treatment processes so that you have healthy and flawless teeth. You can come to our clinic in Antalya and get the best quality service at the most affordable price at the point of health tourism.

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