Labiaplasty surgery is a treatment method used in genital aesthetics. This method is the process of reducing the inner lips that darken, lengthen and droop at birth or in adolescence by cutting. At the same time, this procedure is also performed in cases called labial asymmetry. Labial asymmetry is called the difference of one lip part from the other. Labiaplasty is applied in many countries among modern gynecological aesthetic operations. These operations, which are preferred for both aesthetic and functional reasons, are increasing day by day. However, the word meaning of labiaplasty also reveals its definition. Labium means lips and plasty means shaping. So today, it is known as genital area lip aesthetics.

Why is Labiaplasty Performed?

Labiaplasty is a genital aesthestics surgery preferred due to below reasons:

  • Irritation problem
  • Vaginal infection
  • Odor, infection and sweating problems after physical exercises
  • Confidence problem and sense of shame
  • The problem of not being able to feel during sexual intercourse
  • Friction in tight clothes and being noticeable from the outside
  • Discomfort in situations such as walking and cycling
  • Post-toilet hygiene problems
Labiaplasty – Before/After Instructions

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