Genital Bleaching

Genital Bleaching

Genital bleaching is a method applied to eliminate the darkening of the vagina. This method takes place with laser and special peeling applications. Special creams are given as a gift after the procedure. As it is known, darkening in the genital area can cause problems in women’s self-confidence. At this point, with genital whitening, women get an aesthetic vagina and feel more self-confident. Another name for the applied method is known as vagina whitening. Its medical name is hyperpigmentation. In vaginal whitening, the color of the vulva, which darkens over time, becomes lighter. Thus, it is ensured that the individual obtains a more aesthetic vagina. However, this application can be applied not only to the genital areas, but also to different parts of the body.

Is Genital Bleaching Applied to Everyone?

Genital whitening procedure can not be applied to everyone.In other words, genital area bleaching is not suitable for individuals with psoriasis and genital warts. This procedure is not recommended, especially in skin diseases. However, it is not possible to perform the procedure in cases such as pregnancy..

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