Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery is generally known as stomach reduction surgery today. In this surgery, the stomach is made into a thin tube. In sleeve gastrectomy surgery, which is usually performed with the laparoscopic (closed) method, 80 percent of the stomach is cut and removed. By means of this process, the individual’s food intake is restricted and weight gain is prevented. However, there is a slight decrease in food absorption in the content of the surgery. In this method, which is frequently applied especially in obesity patients, insulin resistance is also broken.

To whom is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Applied?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a preferred treatment method especially for obesity patients and people who cannot lose weight with diet. However, it may not be applied to individuals with certain diseases. It is not an appropriate treatment method for individuals with stomach problems and diabetes patients. In the field of bariatric surgery, whether this surgery is appropriate or not is decided by the surgeons. After completing the necessary interventions, expert surgeons move on to the decision-making phase for the individual.

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