Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon is one of the treatment methods applied to obesity patients. In this application, a balloon is placed in the stomach and the balloon is inflated with sterile liquid. This balloon placed in the stomach is made of polyurethane or silicone. However, there are many types of balloon and whether it is surgical or not depends on these types. Because some types of balloons are placed and removed by endoscopy in the stomach. Gastric balloon is applied to individuals who cannot lose weight through diet and exercise and do not want to have any surgery. Although it is a temporary weight loss method, it is frequently applied in the field of bariatric surgery. However, this treatment is not applied to individuals with pregnancy status and diseases such as stomach ulcers.

What are the Advantages of Gastric Balloon?

It is possible to list the advantages of Gastric Balloon applications as below:

  • It is attached in a short time under hospital conditions.
  • Gastric balloon application is an easy and painless process.
  • The individual can remove the gastric balloon at any time.
  • The individual does not need to be hospitalized after the application. However, the individual returns to his normal life in a short time.

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