Emax Crowns

Emax Crowns

Emax crown are special ceramics used to provide individuals with natural-looking and realistic smiles. This material comes to the forefront in terms of power and beauty compared to the materials used in other treatment methods. Since Emax is made entirely of ceramic, it does not contain metal content. This allows the light to shine on it, as it is the case with the natural teeth.

In what Conditions is Emax Veneer Preferred?

Emax veneer is applied in case of the following conditions on the teeth of the individual:

  • Yellowed teeth
  • Curved teeth
  • Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment
  • Broken teeth

What are the Advantages of Emax Crown?

Emax veneer is frequently mentioned among the veneers applied to provide dental aesthetics. The advantages of this type of crowning are as follows:

  • It does not cause an allergic reaction as it does not contain metal.
  • They have a strong aesthetic appearance.
  • They have light transmittance. Thus, they do not exhibit a matte appearance.
  • As a result of the substances they contain, they achieve a perfect harmony with the gums. Thus, there is no harm to the individual’s tooth structure.
  • Color options have a wide range.
  • The outer structure of Emax coating is smooth and slippery. This does not allow tartar to form on the surface.
  • Tooth sensitivities and gum diseases that may occur in the individual are prevented..

As Medisen Health, we perform your emax coating process with our dentists who are experts in their fields. We provide the best conditions before and after your treatment processes so that you have healthy and flawless teeth. You can come to our clinic in Antalya and get the best quality service at the most affordable price at the point of health tourism.

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