Clitoropexy is the process of removing excess skin on the clitoris and transforming it into its natural state. In some individuals, the skin over the clitoris may be thick. This may cause the clitoris to appear larger, but also to look different. With clitoropexy surgery, these problems are eliminated. However, it provides benefits in terms of increased pleasure during sexual intercourse and comfortable wearing of tight clothes.

Clitoropexy regulates the clitoris area. With this arrangement, individuals say goodbye to both medical and aesthetic problems. Clithopexy performed under general anesthesia takes about 30- 45 minutes. Also known as clitoris reduction surgery, this procedure is also suitable for virgin women. Because there is no damage to the hymen. After the operation, the individual has the desired appearance in the genital area.

How is Clitoropexy Surgery Performed?

Clitoropexy surgery is performed in two different ways. In the first one, the skin is cut long, the excess skin is removed and the edges are stitched. In the second, this skin is cut transversely and sewn together. Generally, the second method is preferred. The reason of this is because the possibility of injury and bleeding in the clitoris is less.

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