Barbie Vagina

Barbie Vagina

Barbie vagina is known as a labiaplasty technique used in field of genital aesthetics. In this technique, the sagging, large and wrinkled vagina gets a pinkish, smooth, shiny and plump appearance. Inner lips in the genital area are shortened and smoothed. This look is preferred by many women. Individuals can return to their normal lives within 2-5 days following the operation. Stitches disappear on their own. It is recommended to apply ice to the genital area and keep it clean frequently. There is no problem in doing physical activities and having sexual intercourse within 4 weeks.

What are Advantages of Barbie Vagina?

With Barbie vagina aesthetics, individuals gain a smooth appearance. With this appearance, which has the form of a Venus cleft, the self-confidence of individuals also increases. The reason why this operation has been preferred frequently lately is the desire of individuals to get away from the wrinkled appearance. However, thanks to this operation, individuals have the feeling of pain at a minimum level during sexual intercourse. Therefore, many women prefer the barbie vagina to have a more aesthetic appearance.

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